New Energy Clean Energy Sources

Thursday June 16th the New Energy Industry Task Force Technical Advisory Committee on Clean Energy Sources had a meeting in Las Vegas.

One agenda item was “Policy ideas to make Nevada the nation’s leading producer and consumer of clean and renewable energy ”

Nevada Road Sign


Below are my comments presented at the public comment section:

The demand for energy continues to increase, CO2 levels continue to rise, oil reserves are dwindling, yet we can’t think of a better “solution” than to engineer ever more dangerous methods of extracting those same fuels that fired the cycle in the first place—never mind that remaining reserves are also finite. Attitudes to aesthetic renewables need to change now.

Art can make renewable energy visible, desirable, and beautiful. The ideas are there; technologies are rapidly developing — the possibilities just need to reach public consciousness, and what better way than through public art. Change public opinion, prove that “sustainable” does not mean a lower standard of living, and we can shake off defeatist cynicism about an uncertain future and overcome the stubborn resistance of a self-interested, short-sighted status quo. The need to replace antiquated infrastructure becomes an opportunity once people realize the potential return on investment in research and development.

The ability to synthesize public art, urban design, and renewable energy has been a long time coming.

Arts strengthen the economy

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that the arts and culture sector is a $699B industry (2012), which represents 4.3% of the nation’s arts industry alone generates $135B in economic activity annually (spending by organizations and their audiences) that support 4.1M jobs and generates $22.3B in government revenue.  From the Americans for The Arts

The visual impact of renewable energy infrastructures, such as wind farms and solar arrays, is becoming more hotly debated. Land Art Generator Initiative is working to provide custom solutions for cherished places that can inspire people about the beauty of our post-carbon future.

Working with cities, developers, and institutions around the world LAGI is bringing culturally-relevant renewable energy infrastructures to specific sites and projects with a place making and public art approach. By engaging artists and designers in the conceptualization of clean power plants, they are increasing the value of developments while reducing their carbon footprints. By including primary stakeholders and community representatives in the design process from the start, these energy projects avoid the pitfalls of NIMBY and become places where people are proud to live, work, and recreate.

Renewable Envoy is working with LAGI to bring projects to Nevada.  The result will be aesthetically considered renewable energy powered projects that will interest tourist to new areas in the cities and whole state, increase quality of life for residents, and provide an educational venue to learn about sustainable technologies.

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