Bring Back Solar & Operation Free

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Thursday July 7, I attended the announcement of the partnership between Bring Back Solar and Operation Free at the American Legion Post 8.  Wow, its been awhile since I’ve been to an American Legion hall – it was wonderful!

A full house were presented an interesting panel discussion about “A Bright Future For National Security: A Discussion on Solar and Energy Independence”

The panel consisted of:

Len Hering, USN (Ret.) RADN

Dr. Pat Spearam NV State Senator District 1, Retired Lieutenant Colonel

Col Steve Seroka, USAF (Ret)

Justin Ford, Operation Free Organizing Director

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Operation Free is a nationwide coalition of veterans and national security experts that advocate for securing Americas with clean energy.  The Bring Back Solar alliance is a group of Nevada homeowners, businesses, and community organization who believe that Nevadans should have the freedom to affordably produce their own clean energy.

Operation Free is an advocacy campaign of the Truman Center for National Policy and the Truman National Security Project that argues that climate change and dependence on foreign oil pose a threat to national security and advocates for solutions at home and abroad.

Rooftop solar saves all Nevadans money, including the consumers and the utility.  Solar is clean, and less pollution means less asthma and other diseases.  Solar customers generate their own power, reducing strain on the grid.  Solar customers generate energy when and where it’s needed most, right in our communities.  That reduces need to build new, expensive coal and natural gas plants.  By generating power in to our communities, more solar means fewer power lines and equipment.

I’m so glad we had the chance to meet these experts and hear their input about the opportunities for renewable energy in Nevada.

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