Nevada’s Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles – Charging Stations

The NV Public Utilities Commission is asking for input on how Nevada’s EV Charging Stations Infrastructure should be setup.


Our thoughts and recommendations:

  • Identify ways to allow electric vehicle consumers to purchase or use electricity generated from renewable or zero-carbon energy sources to maximize the climate benefit of the electric vehicles. Such as solar powered charging stations.
  • You couple electric cars with solar and it’s really a very compelling combination that sends all the right signals about the environment and energy independence.
  • Solar powered charging station are ideal for businesses, municipalities or homeowners.
  • The goal should be to complement, not supplant, private sector involvement in charging infrastructure.
  • Utilities should not own charging stations but work with private host sites that own the actual chargers. With site host ownership, the risk of stranded assets doesn’t fall on ratepayers but is assumed by the host site, as well, giving them “skin in the game.”
  • Ratepayers should only fund a pilot program with limited charging stations to avoid stranded assets, and this pilot should be used to collect data and evaluate the program.

Checkout the schedule for the NV PUC  hearings and comments. First deadline is Aug 8th

The Green Alliance has a survey opportunity for you to add your opinions. Survey deadline August 2nd.

Your input matters in these opportunities for comments.  These informational gathering will determine cost structure and access to EV charging stations.

Drive on Sunshine – Thrive on Sunshine    

Recharge your Electric Vehicle from the Sun


Contact your local representatives to add your thoughts and input for NV future EV Charging Infrastructure.

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