Tesla has a big new competitor vying to build the batteries of the future

The new company, Fluence, will combine AES’ expertise in utility-scale storage with Siemens’ global sales and engineering resources.

Two of the biggest names in energy storage development have decided to join forces.

AES, a leader in megawatt-hours deployed, will launch a new company along with global energy systems provider Siemens. The jointly owned venture, dubbed Fluence, will scale up commercial and grid-scale storage deliveries worldwide.

The unprecedented move marks a pre-emptive consolidation of power in a young industry — and a new competitor for emerging market leader Tesla.

AES started deploying large utility-scale storage a decade ago, making it a seasoned veteran in the new and emerging advanced energy storage world.

The major independent power producer deployed its own projects in PJM’s frequency regulation market, and gradually transitioned to selling its Advancion system to third parties. The company recently completed the largest lithium-ion battery to be deployed date for San Diego Gas & Electric as part of the Aliso Canyon gas leak response.

It could have kept going with the same game plan. But early leaders of emerging markets don’t always retain that lead. With Fluence, AES hopes to solidify its position amid an increasingly bustling competitive landscape.


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