The troubling ‘tactics’ politicians are using to attack rooftop solar

  • As commercial solar energy continues to grow, there are signs that rooftop solar installations may be slowing as political attacks create roadblocks.
  • Policy changes are seeking to drive up the costs of residential solar and make it unaffordable for many Americans.
  • Those moves could hinder efforts to fight climate change and reduce the resiliency of America’s power grid.

“Politicians influenced by fossil fuel and utility companies are working feverishly to stifle renewable energy growth.  This slowdown of rooftop solar growth is problematic, and not just for solar customers and renewable energy companies.”

Yes, solar growth continues to impress, but it’s not time to rest on our laurels. As polluters continue their anti-renewable energy campaigns, we must keep a watchful eye on rooftop solar markets to ensure that more people are able to gain access to clean, wildlife-friendly energy sources. We need to work hard to build on the incredible success of solar to build a more resilient grid, help prevent the destructive effects of climate change, and create a healthier, more equitable future for humans and wildlife alike.


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