Karyl Sisson Unlikely Materials Into Fine Art

When I first saw Karyl Sisson artwork I was mesmerized.  How did she do this?  Everyday items were elevated to an artist level I’ve never seen before, mundane items were transformed.  Which of course is the objective of recycle/up-cycled art but her artwork has another dimension.

I had the opportunity to see her artwork first hand, at the Kimba Hills rumba store in Santa Monica.  Enjoy!

IMG_20170908_110022437 IMG_20170908_110031905




Example of the display tags:

Heavy-hearted – Vintage cotton/rayon ribbon, thread and wood, spring-operated clothespins

Pucker – Discontinued twill tape, miniature clothespins and thread.

Currently on display at Kimba Hills  Rumba Store in Santa Monica


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