First Ever Living and Breathing Chandelier that Purifies the Air

How incredibly exciting to have the world’s first living and breathing chandelier on display at the V&A Museum for the London Design Festival. The chandelier called Exhale features transparent glass petals which contain live green algae. These micro-organisms use the basic principles of photosynthesis to take carbon dioxide out of the air and convert it to oxygen, turning the chandelier into a large air-purifier, powered by nature.


Exhale was created by Julian Melchiorri  a design-engineer, biotechnologist and CEO of Arborea based in London. The mission of Arborea is to solve resource scarcity and global warming on a massive scale, by harnessing the oldest and most important chemical process on earth, photosynthesis.  A process Melchiorri believes can be used in both products and architecture.
For his work on the Exhale Chandelier Melchiorri won the 2017 London Design Festival Emerging Talent Medal.



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