Renewable Envoy at Youth Water Summit

The wonderful Springs Preserves invited us to join their Youth Water Summit, held in the Desert Living Center, Sunday 11/19/17.


Luis Varela-Rico, Patty Dominguez, Sully Park and Davi-May Messinger joined our table to talk with students about our public art project (Mountains Edge Baseball Park) that incorporates renewable energy, Clark County Public Art and STEM to STEAM.

I took advantage of students to ask some questions about STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

My very un-scientific survey results;

Do you know what STEAM is? YES=22%, NO=78%

Do you participate in STEM classes/events/programs?  YES=22%, NO=78%

Have you heard the phrase STEM to STEAM?  YES-34%, NO=66%


Plus, 22 high school students signed up on a volunteer list to help organize a STEAM Festival.







Thanks to the Springs Preserve for hosting this event, Luis, Sully, Davi – the best supporters  I know and Patty Dominguez from Clark County Public Art.

Patty and Sully




4 thoughts on “Renewable Envoy at Youth Water Summit

  1. I made the first ever wind up clock that charges devices underwater 24 hours a day

    It is the only way to charge devices underwater 24 hours other than a nuclear battery. I have the clock makers who will make the device. I need students to protest to have the device made. This device is the only way to put aerators and monitoring stations underwater to stop pollution. A wind up clock charging devices will add needed technology underwater and everywhere to protect the water and land. Please help me speak to students to have this made. Your help is needed for the economy, technology and the environment. Please share your thoughts with me

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  2. I need advocates. They have an office in every country advocating marijuana. There should be a office in every country advocating for a wind up clock to charge batteries. I need my cellphone charged and there is no sun


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