Renewable Envoy at Youth Water Summit

The wonderful Springs Preserves invited us to join their Youth Water Summit, held in the Desert Living Center, Sunday 11/19/17.


Luis Varela-Rico, Patty Dominguez, Sully Park and Davi-May Messinger joined our table to talk with students about our public art project (Mountains Edge Baseball Park) that incorporates renewable energy, Clark County Public Art and STEM to STEAM.

I took advantage of students to ask some questions about STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

My very un-scientific survey results;

Do you know what STEAM is? YES=22%, NO=78%

Do you participate in STEM classes/events/programs?  YES=22%, NO=78%

Have you heard the phrase STEM to STEAM?  YES-34%, NO=66%


Plus, 22 high school students signed up on a volunteer list to help organize a STEAM Festival.







Thanks to the Springs Preserve for hosting this event, Luis, Sully, Davi – the best supporters  I know and Patty Dominguez from Clark County Public Art.

Patty and Sully




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