Inverter Changed on Rooftop Solar System

A few days ago we received both an email and a phone call from Solar City.  Seems our inverter on our solar rooftop system was having issues.  This happened on a Saturday.

The inverter had stopped working and the system was cycling through a protocol.  During this protocol we were on NV Energy service.  Net metering kicked in and because our solar energy system was operating fully, we were back with NV Energy.

12.13.17 cropped 3.jpg

An appointment was scheduled for a service person to stop by and check out system.  Based on the internal communications they thought a new inverter should be installed.

Not too long after these conversations and scheduled appointment arranged, the system re-started and began operating correctly.

Later the following week the service person showed up in his Tesla t-shirt and hat and said they wanted to go ahead a replace the inverter.  Even though it was working their experience says it’s best to replace the product.

12.13.17 cropped 1

Nice to have the system work as planned, no disconnect, contact immediately, follow up and issue resolved.

Our service person wasn’t sure when Tesla Solar Power would be on the trucks, products and contact info but he was ready and looking forward to promoting Tesla Solar Panels, Solar Roof and Powerwall checkout our Tesla Referral Program


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