Desert Diamond’s Jewel – Public Art

yes.Mtn_edge_art0002 (2)Clark County’s first baseball diamond 4-plex. Located next to Mountains Edge Regional Park, the Desert Diamonds Baseball Complex will be completed in 2018.

The $16 million project will include natural turf, bleachers, lights and sun shade. One field will meet NCAA guidelines and will have seating for 300 people, a scoreboard and an announcer’s booth.

Luis Varela-Rico  – artist, Michael Andrieu – solar contractor and I are preparing the final details for the installation of a sculpture which will have solar energy in its design.

The sculpture will have solar cells collecting energy from the sun and powering lights as part of the design.  All the components will be inside the sculpture and energy will be stored in a battery in the pedestal.

yes.Mtn_edge_art0001 (2)

The new baseball center will be called Desert Diamonds Baseball Complex and will include one NCAA-level baseball field that can host college baseball games. High school teams can use the baseball complex for local, regional and state playoff games.

We are excited about this opportunity to incorporate renewable energy into public art and hopefully in the future public infrastructure.  Nevada is poised to become a leader in green energy economy, and if our current trends continue, you will see more and more of these types of innovative project around renewable energy.

More news soon.


2 thoughts on “Desert Diamond’s Jewel – Public Art

  1. This is awesome. However, there is a mistake in the promotion video. Instead of public art it says public without the l. Hopefully you have caught the mistake already.


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