Tesla Solar Roof Owner Reveals the Cost and Surprising Savings in New Video

Originality Published 

One of the first owners of a Tesla Solar Roof says he’s “amazed” by the product, revealing the surprising usage statistics behind the company’s blend-in tiles. Tri Huynh, a senior manager at Nvidia that made headlines in March when he first shared photos of his installation, gave a new interview on Saturday detailing his experiences.

Huynh priced out a traditional roof with solar, sans batteries, $70,000, with around $50,000 of the cost going to the roof.

Solar roof was $100,000 with three batteries, where the roof itself cost about $85,000 for a 1,000 square-foot roof and the batteries cost $15,000.

That means Huynh paid around $35,000 extra for a roof with solar capabilities. Huynh claims the roof has around 70 percent active tiles, with 30 percent non-solar tiles. Took about three months to get utilities company to connect, largely due to a company backlog. Once turned on, took a day to get started.


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