Solar Energy Adds to the Artwork

In December our public artwork, designed by local artist Luis Varela-Rico, will be installed at the Desert Diamond Complex next to the Mountain’s Edge Regional Park in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The sculpture by Luis is called “Organic Study II”, this sculpture will have solar cells in the top, wiring will travel inside the artwork to the pedestal.  The solar cells will produce solar energy, this renewable energy will be stored in a battery on the pedestal.  The LED lights will be powered with the stored renewable energy.

yes.Mtn_edge_art0002 (2)

We began this project in September of 2017, meetings after meetings to come up with a design.  Our presentation to the public art committee and a big thrill of getting selected for this project.

Now, 1 month and counting – we can’t wait!

9.19.18 ground breaking cermony

Ground Breaking Ceremony

9.19.18 Lou ball computer

Concept Development

9.19.18 Lou Michael computer

Collaboration and Design

The Desert Diamond Complex will have public artwork that has renewable energy in its design.  Soon I will be back here announcing the dates for the opening ceremony.

800x800 Mnt's Edge Regional Park A

September 2018

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