Organic Study II

Organic Study II by Luis Varela-Rico

The final stages of our installation has began. Soon we will add our solar panels to the top of this stunning sculpture.

The solar panels will collect energy form the sun and store this renewable energy in a battery. The wires to connect the panels to the battery will run through the sculpture into the pedestal. The LED lights will be connected and will run off solar power.

The Desert Diamond Complex will have a showcase for renewable energy in Southern Nevada.

The Art and Humanities always play an important part in a social movements. Whether its chants, songs, quotes, paintings/murals, community workshops or interactive installations arts can bring a topic to a community conversation.

When we begin talking about the renewable energy be used in our local park, then we can roll that conversation into topics such as clean energy, clean air, clean water. If these type of topics are being discussed in your local community, then you have a topic that will have an affected in the voting booth.

Some images of our installation

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