Solar Energy in Public Art

Luis Varela-RicoH. Michael Andrieu and myself formed an artist team called Renewable Envoy.

We were one of three Nevada artist/artist team selected to present a proposal to the Clark County Public Art Committee.

We are a very excited and proud to announce we have received an award letter for the Mountain’s Edge Baseball Park Artwork.

9.25.17 Organic #2

Our first public art install with renewable energy will happen at the Mountain’s Edge Baseball Park .  This project will be installed in 2018 and will become an iconic symbol for Nevada’s growing green energy economy.

8.21.17.MEBC - NIGHT - Plain

Solar panels in the top of the hollow sculpture will power the LED lights in the circle around the baseball.

We look forward to this sculpture installation and more opportunities to bring the renewable energy options to our communities.  If we want the arts and humanities to participate in this clean energy economy, then we need to expose our citizens to these ideas and opportunities.

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